Intruder Alarms

Due to the nature of the society we live in, you will find almost every commercial building in the UK has some sort of intruder alarm system fitted.

Pacific Security Alarms

In business, it is especially important to keep staff members and important documentation and equipment safe from the threat of theft and criminal damage.

At Pacific Security Systems, intruder alarms are just another area of our extensive security expertise.  We supply, install and maintain alarm systems to meet any of our clients’ requirements. In fact, our professionally installed intruder alarms have proven to be very effective deterrents to thieves and vandals.

Having worked in the commercial and industrial security industry for many years, we have developed unrivalled experience and expertise.

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Following our site survey, no-obligation quotation and discussion with you about your needs and requirements, we will install our high-quality intruder alarm systems in locations you feel would benefit your business.

Of course, if you are unsure about where would be best to place them, our friendly security engineers will be more than happy to offer impartial and honest advice and guidance on the matter.

As well as integrating your intruder alarm system into your existing security network and CCTV systems, our vastly experienced and highly skilled engineers will link your alarm system into a central monitoring office. As soon as an alarm is triggered by the identification of as a security breach, the relevant authorities will be notified immediately.

Maintenance, when you want it

Once installed, we offer all our clients the option of having the intruder alarm system regularly tested and maintained. Carried out at your convenience, our maintenance programmes can be completed as frequently as you need.

For more information, please see our Maintenance page.