Fire Extinguishers

We specialise in supplying commercial and industrial business throughout the United Kingdom with the finest in British Standard approved fire extinguishers.

Fire and safety specialists

As fire and safety specialists, we have access to the highest quality equipment from the industry’s biggest manufacturers, guaranteeing you absolute quality and reliability at all times.

British Standards require that fire extinguishers are placed in buildings in easily accessible areas, fire escape routes and areas of higher fire sensitivity. We utilise our extensive experience in the fire and safety industry to take on board your requirements and place them in the most appropriate and legally correct locations throughout your property.

As there are a variety of fires, each based on their cause of ignition, there are also a number of concordant extinguisher types (water, foam, CO2 and powder) designed specifically for each cause of fire. We ensure that the appropriate fire extinguisher is placed in all specified areas of a building.

As well as portable fire extinguishers, fixed hose reels can be found in many buildings that give a constant water supply in the event of a fire.

British Standards also state that like all fire and security systems, fire extinguishers must be properly maintained to ensure their proper and accurate function in the event of a fire, and their safe storage within a building. All extinguishers must be given an annual basic service.  When they reach their life expectancy (either five or 10 years) they must also undergo an extended service and recharge.

Pacific Security Systems take this service and responsibility incredibly seriously and we are meticulous with our maintenance and security testing to ensure that our clients are protected at all times.

Safety and functionality are always at the forefront of our operations. However, for our customers who need to consider the aesthetics of their building, Pacific is pleased to offer style to their extinguisher range. As such, we can now provide chrome and brushed copper options as well as the standard red.