Dry/Wet Risers

Dry and wet risers are becoming increasingly popular for commercial property owners wanting an effective protection from the threat of fire.

Dry / Wet Risers

Dry and wet risers alike, are a system of pipes that run through the commercial premises, allowing the supply of water in the event of assisting fire-fighting throughout the building.

Our dry and wet risers can also be quickly connected to any fire sprinkler systems already in place, or that are installed in the future. This means that as soon as the fire is detected, your sprinkler systems will be swift and effective in dealing with the fire.

Our engineers are proficient in the maintenance of both dry and wet riser systems, carrying out routine checks and flow tests throughout the contract, giving you peace of mind that your systems are ready for use in an emergency situation.

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Wet Risers

Our wet riser systems store water at all times, allowing for a constant supply of water for fighting fires throughout any commercial building.

Each system houses a glass valve that shatters when the room temperature rises above 68°C and only activates sprinklers in the zone of fire.

Dry Risers

Very similar in function to our wet risers, our dry riser systems do not store water at all times. They are left empty so that the fire brigade can pump an extinguishant of choice through them to effectively and quickly combat any fire.

Dry and wet risers are especially effective when the fire brigade is called to deal with an issue. By having water flowing through your property at all times, preventing the spread of the fire and extinguishing it completely makes it quick and simple for fire officers to deal with. It will also will save your property from vital amounts of smoke and fire damage.