Pacific Security Systems – Football Initiative.

Using specific technology systems to aid in the fight against hate speech- in particular Football Stadiums and Grounds.

This report will attempt to address the issue of hate speech and other anti-social behaviours in public areas, in particular for the purpose of this report, football stadiums and football grounds.

This report will also seek to help onsite security battle this growing issue with the use of specific technology solutions and skilled persons respectively.

Hate Speech in our society and football culture

According to the Stamp it Out partnership, hate incidents can occur for reasons such as disability, gender identity, race, religion and sexual orientation differences. Stamp it Out then go on to explain that hate incidents can take the form of verbal abuse, physical attacks, damage to property and cyber bullying. It is within this particular report and security solution developed by Pacific that verbal, physical and potential damage to property will be particularly addressed.

Although Hate Incidents do not exclusively happen within football environments, it is our understanding that it is an ongoing issue which Pacific are concentrating on within this campaign.  

In a recent release, Kick it Out chair said that “hate crime reports have doubled over the last year to more than 94,000.” It is evident that hate incidents within football are unfortunately not declining and although our security solution is not aimed at encouraging diversity within the sport, it is aimed at tackling what is already, unfortunately, happening within the sport.

Pacific have the scope and means to develop the product to any environment deemed appropriate, the scalability and appropriateness of the solution has potential to monitor any large public space with the possibility of hostility.

The solution explained

Pacific are proud technical partners with Sony, whom of which manufacture high sensitivity cameras (further details available on request). This camera is capable of taking still images and recording at extremely high definition and is also capable of extreme zoom, perfect for football stadium environments and the purpose of this campaign, which is monitoring human faces and behaviours.

These cameras are capable of 4K Broadcast quality imagery, inside of the stadium bowl, to deliver exceptional quality video.

Genetec Video Management System and Genetec Clearance

Pacific are also including in the campaign the use of Genetec Video Management system, one that can adequately store the footage required, special consideration during the design process of this campaign needed to be made for the amount of power required in a video management system to support the footage quality and then store it.

Combined with this is the use of Genetec Clearance which is part of the campaign Pacific are providing. The video management system (security center) together with the use of clearance, allows those onsite to manage the export of digital evidence quickly and efficiently. The design and simplicity of Clearance allows the user to add video recordings to “cases” which are made as and when required by the user onsite. Users can add video recordings to new or existing cases, these can then be shared with other stakeholders quickly and efficiently without the need for external memory devices. Although sharing can be done remote, access remains secure and chain-of-custody is maintained during the sharing process so data will not be shared without consent.

Lip Reading Qualities

Pacific have tested the products combined in a re-enactment of a football game, where the above stills were taken. Pacific recorded this volunteer from across the stadium bowl miming words and performing actions. It was important that the volunteer mimed these in the purpose of the re-enactment as obviously the sound levels were much lower than on a real match day, so the lip reader had to closely analyse the footage in real time. Once the re-enactment was complete, the lip reader identified what was being said back to the volunteer who confirmed this was correct, this was tested multiple times to ensure the accuracy was appropriate enough for purpose.

 Pacific’s lip reading was completed by a professional lip reader, who has undergone professional training in the field to Level 6 status. We understand that lip reading is not an exact science however the results had an accuracy that proved useful to those onsite in dealing with hostility on match days- an area that previously is difficult to manage due to the busy environments and high staffing levels required.

Lip reading scenarios can also be demonstrated upon request for demonstration purposes.


Pacific are proud to support and market this solution to the football industry, as this is an increasing problem that requires action, we believe at both ends.

Although work is continuously being done to improve diversity and change prejudiced views in the sport, more action and help is required in terms of the security when unfortunately, these incidents take place. This is a complex issue to handle and one that is often difficult to enforce. However, with increased monitoring capabilities, football clubs have the chance to truly see what is happening in their environment; whether this information is then used for passive measures such as statistics or programmes that promote acceptance and diversity or whether this information is used for more active measures where those who are found to be committing such incidents are removed from the environment in which it occurs. Pacific believe this is at the Football Club’s discretion, however with the right tools they will be far better equipped to make that decision.

Pacific have attempted to illustrate here the purpose of this technology for lip reading benefits; however, it should be noted that monitoring with high quality images and zoom capabilities is also very effective for surveillance and identifying criminals and seeing hostility occur in non-verbal expressions.

Demonstrations and video footage is available upon request.

if you would like to find out more about this, or you have any questions please contact us on the below:

0870 850 8404 – ask for Barry Morgan or: [email protected]

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