One Camera. See both images.

Where our perceptions of what cameras can do, meets our perceptions of what fire detection can be. It is time, to see sense.

This article is not to argue the benefits, abilities and importance of traditional fire detection. This article, is to challenge the possibilities of early fire detection, to be able to prevent the risk before it becomes an issue.

Pacific have teamed up with partners, Mobotix, to offer a free demonstration of thermal imaging detection. A demonstration which will show the possibilities of camera technology, detecting not only property security risks, but also early fire-starting activities.

To be used in conjunction with traditional fire alarm detection systems, the Mobotix thermal imaging camera and software can detect and pinpoint areas (with perimeter controls), giving property owners full peace of mind whilst also allowing them to prevent the fire from starting altogether, crossing over from detection to fire prevention.

What we like about it, and what we know you’ll like about it

We know that you might not be in a position to invest in cameras just to sit alongside your traditional fire detection. That is what you buy the fire alarms for, after all. However, with the clever Mobotix dual lens, you can have a camera that does both security protection and fire detection. Giving you full colour display alongside a thermal image.

Switch between the two to see what you cannot usually see, as presented in our promotional picture. Say hello to multi-purpose and return on investment, you’ll have a camera that allows you to do exactly what you want to do with it- and more.

Set your own controls. If the heat is getting too much, an alarm will trigger, this is early fire detection at its finest.

Locates the thermal image within the visual image shown, by using a second image sensor module. Identified heat areas, such as fire sources can be quickly identified in the visual image (switch back and forth for easy identification purposes) and take necessary action.

Let’s get back to basics, this demonstration and offering is not just for fire detection. It’s for security purposes as well. Thermal images have been used for intruder alarm benefits many times before and this time is no exception. Pinpointing unusual sources of heat at distance in complete darkness, without any additional light source required. See intruders quicker, with thermal imaging.

This is not to be used without the facility of a fully-functioning fire alarm system, consider it the step before – an added layer of protection and technology.

The camera itself is extremely robust, even in the harshest of environments.

This provides the opportunity to solve numerous onsite problems, with one piece of kit. We like a one-stop-shop and we are keen to give this same opportunity to our customers.

We would love to be able to talk to you about the many benefits of thermal imaging detection for your property, why don’t you drop us a message, or give us a call to find out more? Our team of demonstrators know their stuff and have many ideas of how this can benefit you in particular. Plus, the demonstration is free!

Call us: 0870 850 8404 and ask for Syd if you would like to discuss this particular promotion.

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