Nimbus – What is it and why do I need it?

Nimbus is a cloud hosted fire alarm management system, helping building owners and end users monitor their systems wherever they are, through their usual web-enabled devices.

So what are the benefits of Nimbus and how can it help you?

  1. Replace the conventional log books and routine tasks – Nimbus has a built in log book system, that stores fire alarm activity and user notes in a compliant manner. This means that anyone who conducts any type of testing on the system (whether that is pro-active maintenance or weekly testing) no longer has to update physical log books with their findings. Nimbus simply collects all types of fire alarm activity as it happens, so you do not need to make  a note of it. Throw away clunky files and outdated processes. Nimbus records faults, testing and servicing all in one place – making those audits easier to prepare for.
  2. Secure cloud database – All of your information is stored in the Nimbus gateway, a secure cloud based platform. So you know your information is not only safe, but all in one place.
  3. Accessible for multiple users – Give everyone onsite access to the Nimbus platform simply and easily. With the Nimbus gateway, you can connect via any web-enabled device. You can also set up push notifications on your devices so that the Nimbus system can alert you to any activity (within the parameters you choose).
  4. Simple to set up with most systems – the setup of your Nimbus system is quick and easy, connecting in the same way as most printers do. The Nimbus system is compatible with most analogue addressable control panels, making it accessible for most building owners.
  5. Add comments, share and discuss your findings – The Nimbus system allows all those with access to add user comments as well as reports and weekly test sheets. Enabling anyone with the correct user access to add to the system’s information. Notes are stored in the same way as reports and fault logs, so you can see when they were made and by who.
    • Collect service reports for the bigger picture – Nmbus system collates all of its reports so that at any point, you can collect a comprehensive view of the system and its current status. Saving you time collecting and comparing reports and providing a real-time snapshot on the health of your system.
    • Engineer app – Your service provider has their own app, to make servicing and maintenance easier than ever.
    • See for yourself that testing is being conducted properly – With device testing reports and user comments, you can see for yourself at any time, how thoroughly your service is being carried out. By connecting to devices through the panel, an engineer does not have to update tick sheets to prove they have tested each point, it is done automatically. This way, building owners and end users can see for themselves that each device is being maintained the way it should be – giving you full visibility over your system.

    Want to talk about the possibility of installing a Nimbus system at your property? Get in touch via our website!

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