Extinguishers Are Going Nationwide!

Pacific are pleased to announce that another one of it’s key services is now available all over the United Kingdom.

British Standards indicate that fire extinguishers must be placed in buildings in easily accessible areas, fire escape routes and areas of higher alarm sensitivity.

As there are a variety of fires, each based on their cause of ignition, there are also several concordant extinguisher types. Our extinguisher specialists will ensure you have the correct extinguishers in place, in every area of the building.

Safety and functionality are always at the forefront of our operations. That is why for our customers who need to consider aesthetics of their building, Pacific is pleased to be able to offer four colour ways in all extinguishers. Options include chrome, brushed copper, gold and classic red.

Extinguishers were one of the first service offerings here at Pacific, so it is with great pleasure that we can now announce that this same service is now available all over the UK. Customers can expect the same level of service and high-quality materials with a much larger, regionally managed team.

Get in touch today to book in a consultation, we can recommend the right extinguishers for your premises.

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