Efficiency made easy, with Genetec Clearance.

Evidence management is evolving. Soon; gone will be the days of multiple memory storing devices, time consuming evidence consolidation and face redaction processes.

Ready to take over is Genetec Clearance, an intuitive and efficient sharing service proudly supported and offered by Pacific.

What we like about it and what we know you’ll like about it:

Clearance allows multiple users to access (upon invitation), share and review files both internally to the organisation and externally (for example law enforcements and private entities).

Clearance also provides a seamless platform for users to share their own evidence and footage of the event. Supporting a variety of sources such as a smartphones, body-worn cameras and other surveillance cameras.

Clearance is extremely scalable. We know you’ll want as much evidence and recording on file as possible, Clearance can therefore be expanded on demand as and when you need it.

Genetec Clearance is compatible with a wide range of existing CCTV set ups, you don’t need to change your current system to suit Genetec Clearance. You also don’t need to count the users you allow on it, Clearance is not on a license per-user basis because we know you’ll want as much human collaboration as possible. Or not- that’s up to you.

Clearance has many built in security mechanisms, so you know your data is safe and only those you have chosen to view your files will be able to.

Your users can also view Clearance from anywhere. Web-based and mobile friendly- we know not everyone is office-based so neither is Clearance.

Built-in face redaction capabilities. We liked this feature so much, we made a graphic showing it off in an ideal world (full of dogs). Face redaction on traditional platforms can be time consuming and costly (unless every office has a video editor on hand- we know we don’t). Clearance makes that bit easy, no video editor required. This way you can protect identities of bystanders when sharing with 3rd parties. What makes it better- is this feature is free and included. No hidden costs.

The financial benefits for businesses

Clearance is a SaaS solution. That’s “Security as a Service.” What this means is that you pay monthly and you can have it as many computers as you want (hello, value for money).

Save time and money on those fancy video editors – you wont be needing them with automatic face redaction (GDPR compliance).

Seeing as time is money, you’ll save plenty of it not fussing around with recording extraction and consolidation. Plus, everyone has their phone in their hand nowadays so you’ll be able to get more footage this way too- all in one place thanks to Clearance.

Genetec Clearance can be ordered through Pacific and we are offering a FREE consultation. If you want to hear more technical stats or you just want to have a chat (we are very good at chatting) let us know.

Because we love free stuff, we are also offering a FREE trial.

Genetec Clearance after your trial is only £185 a month with Pacific.

Lets talk about it: 0870 8508404 OR sales@pacific-uk.co.uk (or both, we like enthusiasm)

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