Here East

Here East is an innovation and technology campus situated in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Hackney, London.

This 1.2m sq. ft campus space is dedicated to high calibre visitors and tenants, with a focus on technology and innovation. Pacific were delighted to be chosen to maintain the site’s current security system, enjoying a long standing relationship with the site. Although Here East had an existing video system that was still functioning, they knew they wanted something better – that is where the Genetec Unified platform and digital evidence management system came in to deliver more.

The Challenge

Here East wanted to modernize it’s data handling, digital evidence sharing and incident reporting process. They didn’t have a system in place that was streamlined enough and like most businesses within Europe they needed to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines. The old methods of data handling were slow, clunky and outdated such as burning footage onto physical storage media. Here East could therefore not control how long this was kept for and how much it was shared without permission. A change needed to happen and Pacific had a solution that was perfect.

The Products Used

Here East is able to combine and manage security, digital evidence-sharing and operations within Security Center to meet and exceed the expectations of its tenants.

Monthly reports analyse incidents by time, date, and location, driving proactive recommendations on security operations and deployment of resources. These help to detect and deter thieves.

With all digital evidence collected, shared and distributed through Genetec Clearance, Here East can apply extra safeguards against footage being inappropriately shared or lost – which isn’t something they have ever been able to achieve before.

As well as this, site enjoy instant automatic video redaction features in Genetec Clearance, saving time previously spent manually identifying and removing innocent parties from requested footage.

“I wanted to be able to say we use the best technology available and in my experience that is Genetec”

Leighton Jones, Head of Security at Here East.

Here East has been able to put appropriate safeguards in place to minimise the risk of footage being inappropriately shared or lost, which bolsters their GDPR compliance. They can set admin rights for viewing specific users as well as revoke access to previously admitted users.

Incident reporting is now streamlined. Site have the right technology in place, to protect their technology campus.

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