50 bank street

50 bank street makes an investment in Gent life safety technology.

London’s Canary Wharf comprises some of world’s most sought after office, leisure and retail space. One of its most recognisable buildings is 50 Bank Street, which now benefits from cutting edge life safety solutions from Honeywell Gent, installed by Pacific Fire & Security.

Two’s Company

The original life safety system remained fully active during the installation of the new Gent equipment, with the two systems operating in tandem to give full coverage on all levels of the building. Having the two systems operating simultaneously was also necessary to carry out the unique and complex cause and effect programming.

This project involved interfacing parts of the fire detection system with the Building Management System (BMS).  As Kirk Short, Operations Director, explains:

‘There are three position key switches used for fans and smoke dampers that would normally be part of the BMS, but the extract fan’s dampers were all on the fire detection system. We configured the system so that when activated these all light up on the annunciator panel, which, in turn, triggers the fire detection system.Eventually the plan is to fully integrate the fire detection system with the BMS.’

Towards the end of the planned works, Gent created a miniature version of the annunciator panel.  This meant that prior to swap over, the Pacific team and the Consultant Engineer on the project (Willie Fraser from KJ Tait), could pre-empt any issues.

Fraser comments:

I was thoroughly impressed with the way that all parties involved worked together to ensure that there was a seamless transition between the old system and the Gent technology.

Everything was fully tested in advance; Gent really went above and beyond what was expected to make sure that this happened, and the transition process went without a hitch.’


Mission Accomplished

Despite being a highly complex project, both technically and logistically, Pacific successfully delivered it within time, on budget and to the complete satisfaction of the client. Andrew at M J Mapp, concludes:

‘Kirk and his team fulfilled the brief and carried out the work with a high level of professionalism. They caused minimal disruption, demonstrated a high level of skill and were very professional during the process. Although this was a demanding and extensive scope of works, having the Gent Vigilon and D1 systems in place gives me confidence that everyone in 50 Bank Street has the best possible fire safety technology in place.’