10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Security.

We know that right now, the cost of running your home is higher than ever. So a list of expensive home security options might not be at the top of your list. However, that doesn’t mean that security shouldn’t be on your mind. A UK home is broken into every 106 seconds* so it’s still really important to protect your property.

Below, we have provided ten cheap and easy ways to improve your home security – some won’t cost you anything at all!

1) Make sure you have fit-for purpose locks (and that you use them!) Did you know, 67% of Burglars break in through a door? * with 21% of that statistic not even having to break in, they just walk on through!

A simple, cost-effective way of making sure access to your home isn’t so simple, is to fit a good lock and of course, to use it! A decent deadbolt lock is relatively cheap and is easy to install, that is why its top of our list of cheap and easy ways to improve your home security. 

2) Make sure your home is well-lit. Motion-sensor or timer lights are very easy to come by and are very cost effective! With lots of different options on the market including battery and solar powered lights, installing one of these on your home is very easy. Make the job of the burglar harder, by minimising the amount of dark space outside of your house, particularly in potential entrances.

3) Don’t let everyone know you are going away! The cheapest tip on our list is to simply watch what you put on social media. Posting pictures and videos whilst you are on holiday can let potential thieves know that there isn’t anyone home, making your property an easy target. Save posting updates until you are back. Other holiday-related security tips include making your home look as though it is occupied, even when it isn’t. If possible, asking someone to take out the bins for you, or ensure a build-up of post isn’t visible can make your home look as though someone is around.

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4)     We have been saying this for some time, but not all thieves are physical, some attacks are cyber! Make sure that your Wi-Fi is password protected, use a firewall, hide your network, or rename it and make sure you have a good anti-virus software set up on all your devices. You can also enable WPA or WPA2 encryption, so your data is kept secure. Most anti-virus software packages are affordable, with most devices having it pre-installed on a trial basis. Don’t forget to make sure it is working as it should and that your device is updated, to make the most of its security.

5)     Protect your defences. Old gates and blown-over fences are an easy way for burglars to gain access to your property and gives the impression that you aren’t taking security too seriously either. Make sure that your perimeter fences are well looked after, because broken panels can allow potential thieves to scope out the area before the even try and again access. Gates should be the same height as the fences they are attached to and should be securely locked and even padlocked where possible. Padlocks are easy to source and are a cost effective way of protecting entry routes. It is always a good idea to have two different types of lock on a gate, especially one that is round the back of the property, where burglars are less likely to be spotted.

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6) Take pictures of your valuables. Although it won’t help protect your home, photographing your valuables can help you out if the worst should happen. Clear pictures with a security mark of your postcode and house number can help the police recover stolen items, improving your chances of getting things back, it will also help make a claim on your insurance. High value items should be well documented, with any defining features also visible in the pictures.

7) Get landscaping! Plants that are dense or thorny can be off putting for thieves to climb into. So, try planting them around the perimeter of the property to stop easy access.

8)  The master bedroom is often the main target. So put valuables in other places, that the thief might not think to look in, such as children’s bedrooms, kitchen cupboards or best of all, a safe. With some sturdy yet affordable options on the market, a small safe might be just enough to protect your high value items when you aren’t around. Most burglaries take less than 10 minutes to complete, so hiding valuables in inconspicuous places should waste the time of the burglar sufficiently.  

9) Keep windows shut and locked when you aren’t directly near them. It’s true that most burglaries happen in the summer, when windows are left open and the owner of the property is relaxing in the garden. Make sure that your house isn’t an open invitation to an opportunistic thief by closing windows you do not have full sight of and locking them wherever possible.

10)  Get yourself a security system! Finally (and unsurprisingly) we recommend you fit a home security system. 63% of burglaries happen in homes without one* and thieves consider an intruder alarm box or a CCTV system as a massive deterrent. With so many easy to fit options on the market now, it has never been easier to find yourself a system that works for you. In fact one in four homes have a Ring doorbell system or similar fitted* which is excellent news for homeowners and terrible news for thieves! However, if you’re looking for something more traditional, or you just don’t feel up to installing your own system, there are plenty of local installers that can install something perfect for you and your budget. A home security system is the single most effective way of protecting your home, so whilst it may be the most expensive option on the list, it is definitely the most worthwhile.

Any questions? Let us know! Whilst Pacific do not carry out installations on residential properties, we are always happy to provide advice and guidance on what we think is a worthwhile investment for your home. If you are in charge of a commercial space and think you could benefit from a security system, get in touch! We would be happy to survey your premises for free.

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