10 Benefits of Finance

Finance is a fact of life for many of us. In order to get the goods we really want, when we want, we lease them at a rate we can afford. It is not unreasonable in our personal lives, to expect that leasing will be a necessity at some point.

But why don’t we feel the same about life safety and security systems for businesses?

Maybe it is because we simply do not consider these things to be on offer on a lease, loan or hire basis. Our understanding of the benefits maybe limited and sometimes, in the heat of running a business (or starting one up) we aren’t too concerned with the safety equipment we have, as long as it works… upgrading it moves to the bottom of the budget.

We don’t need to lecture you on the importance of fire safety and the many benefits of adequate security systems, you hear that all the time. Whether it is from fire alarm companies just like us, the media or even your insurance company. We just want to make it easier to provide you with a solution, one that can do more for you, one that is of quality, one that suits your building and your working habits and one that is what you reallywanted- not just the one you could invest in at that time.

So, here are all benefits of financing your Pacific equipment and all deliverable services:

  • Terms are available from 2-5 years
  • Tax Advantages- Leasing is 100% tax allowable
  • Cash flow- preserve your working capital by leasing with us
  • Existing credit lines remain unaffected
  • Flexibility, you can upgrade, make additions or settle at any point during the term.
  • It is a simple process with quick credit decisions and eSign documents available
  • Total solution finance, finance all the equipment and all of the delivered services, that is one job completely taken care of
  • Various funding solutions are available including finance lease, hire purchase and loans
  • Start up business? No problem! This solution is perfect to help you hit the ground running, with the best equipment for your business in place
  • Online calculator to privately work our your finance quotation

Visit our landing page to enter your details into our lease calculator: https://www.bluestarleasing.com/pacificleasing/

If you would like to speak to a member of the team about leasing or to find out more, call us on: 0870 850 8404 or email: syd@pacific-uk.co.uk

If you have a project that you think you would like to finance lease, let us know! A survey is FREE and is no-obligation you will receive a quote with your leasing information prepared and then the choice is yours.

Every business should have the solution that is right for them, finance can make that achievable.

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